e QuaSys straightforward simple to use process management system

See your business processes and allow yourself to know what is happening.

The system has developed through years of process and ISO management system experience and will reduce the time a small to medium business has to spend on managing a Quality Management or Information Security Management system greatly.


All your system management in one place, visible, usable and 100% correct to your businesses and processes and functioning in daily workflows

can be visual only or fully interactive including components such as training videos

A good system is part of your business, often ISO systems are seen as an addition to a business. This addition is viewed in a negative light as it creates more work. This is why we work tirelessly to bring understanding in the ISO world. ISO standards are designed as frameworks for good business / process practice that result in customer satisfaction and continual improvement, it has never been the intention to increase the work load of the organisation.

"ISO quality management systems can be part of your business without consuming additional time and resource, this system provides the mechanism to achieve business and quality unity."

"It is not the intention of this International  Standard to imply the need for - alignment of documentation to the clause structure of this International Standard" (ISO 9001:2015 Introduction 0.1 General Paragraph 3)

Component one;


The control record; this provides all the quality documents and records a business needs in one accessible and easy to use location. There is no longer any need for you to have multiple system control documents and records therefore document and record control is greatly simplified.

Component two;


The process interaction maps, these maps are in HTML format and non-editable therefore controlled, the source file is stored on your desk top or server and all in the business can have access to the maps from a simple desktop icon.

The mapping is provided in various formats all of which meet the requirements of ISO9001:2015 and many, many other standards, from simple to extremely complex if required.

Options are available to include documentation, work instruction and videos in to your map demonstrating not only your business process for the benefit of an ISO audit but also to enable you to investigate the minute detail of your business and to provide a consistent method of training and developing your people.

When opened the system will display the process interaction map, from this point you can navigate easily to any of your business processes by group

When a process group has been selected this will open you related processes, for example if your business is logistics you would navigate to your main process heading e.g. Warehouse Processes and this would contain process such as Goods In, Picking & Packing, Despatch etc.



we have the simple process that gets

from point A to point B in the quickest way



we have the sub process mapping that shows complex processes in a simple form but allows you drill down into the finite detail by including sub processes.



we have the complex process, this type of process can be used where there is a need for great detail and decision trees needed to cover all eventualities. This type of process is designed for complete control of any process where there is no room for error