Management Consultancy

"Talking to you not at you, finding ways to bring improvement in all areas by listening to you.  Understanding your needs and providing you with solutions"

Business Meeting


Management consultancy is a very personal subject and should be treated as such. Finding the right people to help you is essential and it must be a good fit. With that in mind we can state what we can do, however to assess if we are right for each other we must meet, "or at least have a chat". Below is a list of our consultancy skills.


Strategic direction will always be the domain of the stake holders, where we help with this is to provide a balanced, objective and independent perspective on how you can achieve your business goal.

Business Meeting Discussion
Market Analysis


Business planning is an essential tool that sets out the route from a. to b. A professionally constructed business plan will achieve the attraction of investors, a route to exiting the business or the start point for a new business venture or acquisition. 


You may be considering your exit strategy or looking to grow your business by purchasing another. Each scenario will require appropriate business planning or due diligence process respectively. We are highly skilled and qualified auditors, we will find any discrepancies that may be present and provide you with a full report.

Empty Factory


With many years of undertaking projects in all areas of business we are well placed to help you create your vision in the real world environment, on budget, on target and on time!


An essential aspect all businesses share is that they need to employ staff. Staff are your most important asset and their expectations should be understood. We will help you to create a healthy working environment where you staff feel valued and you feel you are gaining value from their presence.

Meeting the Staff
Customer Service


We are highly experienced in sales and marketing and we understand the distinction between the two. We will analyse your sales processes, people and their performance and linking that to you marketing activities give solutions to improve the sales process. We will work with you to development your marketing activites based on our combined industry knowledge.


All businesses hold data in one form or another, often that data is not used to best advantage. We will collate your data and after analysing it give clear indications of how you can improve your results from process level to strategic direction.

Analysing Data


Process mapping a business will give an immediate insight into the workings of the business and the interaction of the process. Not only does this  assist with process planning, it will also create an environment for staff induction and further training, also the ability to explain to your customers and suppliers how your business functions. It will also provide the foundation for any certification you may choose to pursue.